Cable and Internet Bundles – High Speed without the High Price

The story of Jack and Jill.

Meet Jack. Jack has cable TV with his local provider. On the weekends, you can always find him on the Internet playing multi-user games, downloading music or uploading photos from his most recent rock-climbing or camping trip.

Jack doesn’t like to wait around for his Internet to connect, so he chose to bundle his cable and Internet service together to watch his favorite travel channels while researching new adventure destinations. By bundling all his services, Jack was able to save enough money to book his next vacation.

Meet Jill. Just like Jack, Jill has cable TV through her local provider. She also loves sharing pictures of her family vacations and chatting with her friends and family across the country online. Jill is also a huge movie buff and prefers to download the latest blockbusters on her laptop to watch while she’s traveling.

However, Jill decided not to bundle her Internet and cable service with her cable TV provider and went for a different option with another provider. Not only does she have two separate bills for each service, she also pays full price for both!

Now while Jack is uploading pictures of his scuba diving excursion and sunning on the beach, Jill is still scouring the Internet for ways to save money under the glow of fluorescent lighting.

Money you might be missing out on.

If you already have cable TV, it generally makes sense to bundle cable and Internet service to save money on your monthly bill. Cable Internet bundles not only make these services more affordable, having only one cable Internet provider means you only have one number to call for customer service.

Additionally, the more services you bundle – like adding phone service to your cable and Internet bundle – the more money you could be saving every month. If you choose not to bundle cable and Internet service, be prepared to pay full price each month!

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